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Santa Semeli and the Monks’s debut album is an eclectic collection of songs, varying in style and genre to accompany Semeli Economou’s poetry. 

Opening with the lullaby ‘Garden’, the album invites the listener to travel through an intimate and emotional journey with epic ballad ‘Call It Whatever’ that profoundly reflects on the intensity of a love affair whilst folk song ‘A Fairy’s Tale’ gives an insight to the delusions of heroin addiction, making pit stops with fun punk numbers ‘I Fancy the Pants off you’ and ‘Schizophrenic Assholes’. 

Cuban tango ‘The Fall’ joyfully describes the end of a marriage, upbeat pop number ‘You And I’ talks about the opposites that make up a friendship and easy listening ‘Us’ muses on the struggles one has to endure in life. 

‘Let Down’ the Rock n’Roll number with an attitude, is about refusing to take the blame for wanting to be free, taking a left turn with sentimental Russian ballad ‘If I Died’ that turns into a revolutionary punk anthem. 

Sexy blues number ‘Making Up With You’ is about the pleasures of post argument love making. The album romantically closes with ‘Let’s Make Love and Say Goodbye’ greeting new beginnings.

Beautifully orchestrated and arranged, Santa Semeli and Monk’s lyrical, yet dynamic self titled album has an organic and raw feel, promising to entertain and engage the audience’s attention with brutal honesty and a sense of humour.


Written and produced by Semeli Economou & Haraldur Agustsson

Recorded and mixed by James Aparicio at Limehouse Studios, London

Mastered by Tim Young at Metropolis Studios, London